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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 17, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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lou: thanks for being here. we enthusiastic for being with us. "the weekly standard" fred barnes my guest tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: thank you very much for being here. the last show of the week. i'm watching this presidential race fall apart. if you care with liberty, freedom and using the rational bean the good lord gave you you should be be, too, progressives want to use every tentacle of government to infringe on your rights. orlando has turned into a
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convenient gun debate. when you talk about guns, you don't have to talk about terror and the failures of the administration and you can play puppet master with people's rights. i expect this from hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. but donald trump? after his endorsement from the nra i thought he was on the right side of the constitution. your guy is way off base when he tweets i will be meeting with the nra who has endorsed me about not allowing people on the terrorist watchlist or the no-fly this, not to buy guns. if orlando is now not about terror, then god forbid we admit the f.b.i. failed again and government may not able to
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shield news harm after all. tragedy and emotion combining to create laws and erode rights. here is connecticut senator chris murphy during this 15-hour gun filibuster. >> i i have been furious since those days following sanltdsy hook. i have been so angry that this congress has mustered absolutely no response to mass shooting after mass shooting. in city after city plagued by gun violence. kennedy: i hate to break it to you senator murphy and i can only imagine what your community has gone through and how they are still hurting. but this is not about sandy hook or any other tragic incident you choose to in plate with terror. the only thing these have in
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common. >> if we failed to act, the next time someone uses a gun to kill one of us, gun that we could have kept out of the hands of a terrorist, that members of this congress will have blood on our hands. kennedy: you already do, liz. that blood mass been used to paints the signs that read "gun if free zones." hillary clinton is in favor of registering women for the draft. and i'll ask judge alex ferra. he knows florida and he knows the law.
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kennedy: donald trump plans to meet with the nra over the gun ban for potential terrorists. charles cook, jimmy failla is here. and author of "finding mr. righteous." lisa. is the constitution versus no due process. is trump wrong here? >> i think he is, but his willingness to meet with nra because we know nra is not going to budge. nra represents millions of people and he still needs those people. i think it's a good sign and trump could help with libertarians and conservatives if he shows i'm willing to listen and change, especially on the no-fly zone. kennedy: i think he's going to
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convince the nra to do his bidding. i think they were -- >> that's true, i don't think the nra is going to budge. kennedy: nor do i think they should budge. i think they are right and echoing the language they used before which is of course terrorists shouldn't have guns. no one says they should. but you have to protect understand extent americans and guard their constitutional rights. jimmy, you play the part of donald trump, i'm be the nra. >> what do you think of banning -- kennedy: no! >> that's the whole meeting. it's over in 30 seconds. kennedy: the nra i don't think is going to budge. but it's a bad time to craft
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legislation when you haven't buried the victims of the mass kerr. >> i think he has been forced into this position by the left. this is the playbook for the left. if something happens bad in america they attack the republicans. it used to be if somebody shoots 59 americans we know they are connected to a terror cell. we used to f off those who did it. kennedy: politics no longer stops at the water's edge. what is going to happen? is this going to further unravel that support that donald trump has gotten from from some conservatives? >> it depends on what he does. ultimately this is a fifth amendment question. you can tell it's not any on the officer right.
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because if it were the first amendment at stake the democrats would filibuster the other way. kennedy: i think democrats have gotten horrible and first amendment rights. the way the president reacted to the attacks in benghazi and we are so willing to not only blame it on a mus plim filmmaker, but also "charlie hebdo" and condemn free speech there and hillary clinton refusing to meet with the press, i think that the left has gotten equally as bad. >> the point is donald trump is not going to convince the national rifle association to change its position. what he could do is get behind the tore anyone bill. >> the thought there was it defunded sanctuary cities. but he says he's going to take that language out and look at
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democratic votes. >> i would need to read the whole bill. feinstein's bill was crazy with it was unveiled last december. the "new york times" reports it has the same language it did then, but anyone that was put on a terror watch this and taken off would have to wait five years before they could buy a gun. kennedy: someone born overseas who comes to this country because they love freedom, it interferes with the visa process. it is a fifth amendment issue, and i worry that there is no one who is running for president who cares a dam about the constitution. but we have a president in his waning days who is making token
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promises. they visited orlando to comfort families of last week's shooting. omar mateen's father said omar himself was a victim of isis and criticized the nightclub's lang of security. this absolutely drives me crazy. do you think that victims right now really want to hear about universal background checks? >> i don't think anyone has any opinion on omar beyond we are glad he's dead and we want to hunt out anyone else who was connected to this. but i can't keep track, is he a victim of isis or gun ownership. >> there is plenty of victimhood to go around. >> that's what we should be talking about, what he was a victim of. kennedy: he wasn't a victim. you are not a victim. >> no personal snonlt society
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anymore. it's everyone's but the actual shooter. kennedy: i don't agree you need to necessarily blame the parents. this person was 30 years old. he was in his second marriage. if he fathered a child. he's no longer the ward of his afghan parents. and he's also not a victim. this kind of conversation drives me crazy. >> i think it's extraordinary that the guy said on five occasions he was a jihadist. he told his colleagues he wanted to be a martyr and watch videos of isis beheadings. this is treated by the "new york times" as a real mystery. but the north carolina transgender bathroom debate was pretty much to blame in their estimation. it's absolutely bizarre the way we turned this into a discussion
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of domestic policy when it's not one. >> it isn't. and it does such a disservice to the real issues and most importantly to the victims. much more to come with the panel. a new report says we are all sleeping wrong. the panel returns to tell us how to uber snooze. the trump campaign might have hit a wall, but there may be a surprise bump.
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kennedy: the latest bloomberg poll has hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by 12 points. but a rasmussen poll taken after the orlando shooting is much clears with trump 39 and hillary clinton 44. jonah, let's discuss. has trump been helped by his reaction to the orlando shooting? >> i don't think so. my gut says the orlando shooting -- these ghoul i shall efforts to translate these horrible terrors into who it
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will help politically. kennedy: they did it first. they made it about guns. >> san bernardino helped donald trump. paris attacks helped donald trump. conventional rules say this night help donald trump. but donald trump is appealing to a different electorate than the primary electorate, and nobody seems to have told that to donald trump. there are political consultants who will tell you this might not be good for donald trump. because what hillary clinton is trying to do very hard is demonize donald trump and make his temperament the issue. the more chaotic things seem and the more mercurial and flighty donald trump seems, that might be bad for him.
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the polling since orlando is not solid. kennedy: we don't have a ton to rely on. i do think you are right about -- maybe donald trump is the perfect primary candidate. he dispatched every single one of his opponents. i think his campaign is quite confident he's going to do the same with hillary. it's a much more complex set of issues. donald trump and hillary clinton, they are dealing with the highest unfavorability ratings in polling history. a recent fox news poll shows voters opting for gary johnson in a 3-way race. jonah, what are you hearing in your circles. national review has an entire issue dedicated to bring down donald trump in the primary. what are people saying about
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gary johnson where you work? >> people are giving a hard look at gary johnson. i live in washington, d.c. i never lived anywhere where my vote wasn't canceled out 7-1. if the choice is between the democratic crap sandwich on rye and the republican crap sandwich on whole wheat be i will vote for gary johnson. kennedy: i think we know what we are getting at the deli counter at this point. >> maybe if donald trump's poll numbers are in the 20s all the haks out of a desire of self-preservation will come to their senses and do something else. by you have to bet it will be trump versus hillary and i would vote for johnson. that said, i don't think gary
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johnson has seized the opportunity as well as he could. there is something about johnson and more so welds where they feel compelled to mock social conservatives than make it sounds like they are going to make social conservatives eat their spinach. kennedy: there are many, many present-life libertarians who are not interested in hearing confessed libertarians to say they are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. that for many does not add up to libertarian i am. having said that, is he the lesser of two evils being the third party in an awkward three-some? maybe. to your point the only way you
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are not eating a crap sandwich is if hillary is indicted. then what would you do? >> again, i will never vote for donald trump and i will never vote for hillary clinton. that's an easy call for me to make. my problem has been as a writer and pundit. my job is to tell the truth. there are a lot of people who think my job is to once the republican nominee that i'm supposed to rally to the republican nominee. one thing i won't let hillary clinton or donald trump do is make me a liar. kennedy: who do you despise more hillary clinton or donald trump. >> it depend on the day of the week. but i think -- 1960 national review didn't endorse kennedy -- didn't endorse kennedy or nixon because neither of them met our minimal standard to be a
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conservative. that's how i feel about both of them. hillary clinton is a more ahe gro -- amore egregious and corr. donald trump has the sort of political equivalent of turret's syndrome. he shouts out thing that aren't true. kennedy: jonah, we have to go. hurry into the studio at some point. you can some some of the free cookies and croissants we have available. coming up. hillary clinton hah jumped feet first into the controversy over women and the draft. pete hegseth spells it out. can disney stave off a main lawsuit after an alligator kills a young boy.
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kennedy: wednesday the senate passed a bill which would require women to remember sister for the selective service system in the event the nation has a draft. hillary clinton says she is in favor of the letting laight since they are car it is outside the draft window. should there be selective service at all? let's ask pete hegseth. he's an iraq war veteran. so let's find our common ground. that's despising hillary clinton. before we die george --
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>> hillary clinton is conveniently in favor of it. wouldn't have been at the get-go. part of the metamorphosis she has made. if you open up every combat role to women, how can you say the selective service isn't open to our daughters as well. the hah was first introduced to republicans in the house who were against the idea but wanted to prove the point where it end longically. i don't think it i am prove our war fighting capability. kennedy: the draft is social engineering. it's a form of slavery. you are being forced to fight for your country, how is that not even dentured servitude. >> i call it service to country. i wouldn't call those in the draft who weren't to serve
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slaves. you can go too far and we are an all-volunteer military at this point. there are people who believe in universal national service. of course, not. that will be used to grow government. but a list you could go back to if there was a national emergency if necessary. kennedy: you think so little of ericans that you think not enough people would sign up. i have so many friend who signed up right after 9/11. they enlisted, they wanted to fight for their country, they were so deeply moved by the way we were attacked. i think people are good enough, strong enough, and patriotic enough that we don't need the selective service at all. but you fundamentally disagree. you think womb inshould not be in combat roles. >> because i think the standard will be eroded by bureaucrats
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and political military leaders because they devolve into quotas. so gender neutrality is the word they use, that means the standard are down for men and up for women. you are not improving war-fighting capability. but there are certain suppositions that could have been open. but it does add extra complications. i just think it creates variables that aren't necessary. kennedy: i'll leave that up to you. you are an afghanistan and iraq war veteran. you have been in combat. i understand that. i know women who served in combat roles that could crush you with their bare hands. why not take those women. i feel the same way about firefighters and fat old firefighters. just because they are getting a
12:28 am
pension in a few years, doesn't mean they should be rescuing kittens from trees and humans from burning buildings if they can't do the job. so basically we should annihilate the draft and people should fill the combat roles they are physically equipped for. you and i together will create that perfect world. thank you so much. very good. coming up. an australian gets bit by a shark-like sea creature which is a shark or cleverly disguised manatee. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be..
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kennedy: you know what that lightning bolt means. it's getting quite hot out there.
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and you should pull out a pina colada. and we can cool off. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. political humor and impressions. they are not just the stuff of late-night comedy shows. even crafty 8th graders are getting in on the action. >> let me just tell you ... so many great experiences. one of those would have to be starting northern language. we are learning languages from spain, france and germany and china. kennedy: i love when donald
12:33 am
trump says "china." he remind me of marlin o'malley and jeb bush who did impressions of presidential candidate. topic number two. if you had to take your pooch to the vet, you know how cute and pitiful they get when the doctor puts on a cone collar. here is my puppy lemme with one. the part for dogs is how much more complicated sex becomes whether in the cone zone. he's so mad. he's smart, he got it. i think cones are a good idea.
12:34 am
only other option is to get your dog tranquil lighted for his own good. and stoned dogs are terrible at fish. just like everyone i know in colorado. though milk bones taste good. you have got the vet munchies. topic number three. i'm so happy to show you this. i think it might be cgi. a toddler in china is a physical genius. watch this young person mimic a group of dancing ladies behind him. page communist bob fosse. the kid's moves are incredible. watch.
12:35 am
[♪] oh, my god, i love it so much. you wish you had skills like that. the child is so talented. i would love to drizzle him in plum sauce and eat his cute face. it's me merks tiphoric al. i'll bet he has fat, yummy these. topic four. when you are spearfishing when and you spot a shark, do you swim away or poke it in the side with your pointy stick. let's see what this young lad in australia decided to do. right.
12:36 am
that's one for the shark. of course. it mitt you, you jammed a spear into its flank. sea creatures are dangerous and they will respond in kind like last year when the animals at sea world turned against a human. that's secret footage from black fish. you are never meant to see that because it's too terrifying. are you getting tired of campaign attack ads? youtubeer mike differentia has created a japanese-inspired commercial against donald trump. watch.
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[♪] so much hugging. it's very. hey. and also kind of trippi, bro. if you ate a bucket i'm sure this is what you would see. but it's probably an illusion to mercantilism. i'm freaking myself. that advertisement is giving me a bad trip. someone roll that 2008 mike graph h -- mikegravelle commercr president.
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how did this man not beat obama in 2008? he would have been so superior. so calm. if you have any weird stories you would like to see in the "topical storm," tweet me on kennedynation. find me on instagram. coming up. if a drunk customer left you a thousand dollar tip by accident. would you give back the money? find out what one waiter did. the terrible allocator attack at
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kennedy: remember when you are drunk to let your friend work out the tim on your bill. this man left a $1,000 tip on a
12:42 am
$60 bill in cash. the restaurant graciously returned the extra gratuity. the party panel is back. so i will start with you. should he get his money back? >> to me like being out $1,000 is worth the embarrassment of going public and saying i'm a drunk i'd yopt. >> if you put it on a credit card you can say i can see how i made the mistake. but the only time i have cash is when i need to tip the nail $on because they only take cash. 237. kennedy: but you always tip $1,000 every time you get your nails done. kennedy: are there drunk do-overs? >> the fact that he got his
12:43 am
money back is what's wrong with this society. sarks t & t has to unsend 3,400 text messages i have sent. it's total b.s. kennedy: i'm sure the server was so excited. but they did the right thing and turned the money over to the manager because they knew the next date man would come back. >> i'm amazed it was still there. i'm amazed. kennedy: so the funny thing is he still left a generous tip. you take the $1,000 out of it, he still left $40 on a $60 tab. >> he said he thought he was
12:44 am
leaving single. so that was a lousy tip. kennedy: why do you have a wad of cash like that. if you were so drunk you thought singles -- thought 10 os were singles. a new article says human beings naturally sleep in two blocks rather than one giant block. doctors say it's better to sleep in two chunks and that accounts for insomnia because that didn't arise until we tried to sleep throughout the night. you have a new baby so sleep is
12:45 am
foreign to you. does the idea of sleeping in two shifts sound good for you? >> two shifts would be inedible. this was how people used to sleep in the medieval period. >> they had archeologists and biologists and evolutionary mcivors go back in time and realize this ways people used to do. insomnia is a product of the 19th century, that your body is not meant to sleep 8 hours in a row. they say when people wake up after that first shift they can ponder their dreams and have sex. >> sex is better in your dreams. >> i love that they brand this guy a sleep researcher. nothing says unemployed stoner.
12:46 am
i'm sick of these fancy titles. you are not a high school dropout anymore. you are a sandwich artist. kennedy: i have the ultimate solution. sleep, sleep, sleep. what if we slept in two 8-hour shifts. i think we need to limit the time we are awake rather than focus on the shift part. kennedy: i'm going to do this. >> you should run for office. you could be the slumber party. >> i have got to go to bet a couple hours earlier so i could wake up a couple hours in the middle of the night. a glorious way to end the week. coming up, is disney in jeopardy of a whopping lawsuit? judge alex joins me with the answer.
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kennedy: yesterday authorities found the body of a 2-year-old boy who was sadly killed by an allocator. disney posted signs cautioning visitors not to swim, but few thanked any warning about allocators. we turn to judge alex ferrer. we have not on issues in your home state of florida but also legal issues. are you shocked this is the first time an attack has occurred with so many bodies of water around the disney resort?
12:51 am
>> residents in florida are aware of the risk of gators. but with as many tourists that come into florida it is a surprise. kennedy: they have no conception of it. kennedy: every time we walked by a body of water when i took my girls there, i would say don't know near the water, there are allocators. >> i'm more concerned about allocators and sharks. i wouldn't have that comfort with an allocator. kennedy: given the number of allocator there, is disney liable for this death? >> i think absolutely they are liable. as a premises owner, they are enticing people to come down and encouraging them. they have certain duties to the people they bring to their resort. one is to either make the place
12:52 am
safe or warn of hazards. kennedy: they say they make the place safe by culling the allocators, taking the big ones away and they have a 45-year track record of safety. >> sure. all evidence to the contrary is a boy got dragged away by an allocator. they try to make it safe. they do have a program where they cull the allocators and get the big ones out of there. clearly they note allocators are there and it doesn't have to be a giant allocate jr. to hurt a child. they have an obligation to warn the tourists. the warning sign said "drop off, deep water, no swimming." if i'm a good swimmer and it says those three phrases, i am going to think, oh, they are warning you not to swim.
12:53 am
by the way i can just walk along the shore in a foot or two of water. there is a big difference between a static danger of a dropoff in deep water and active danger. kennedy: what do you think disneyland will do now? what can they possibly do? >> i don't think they will fence off the beaches. the thing that plays against them is the magic kingdom and the idea of putting up signs detracts from the magic kingdom. kennedy: they don't want to scare people. they don't want to jury out of this fantasy. i understand that as well. but there could have been more foresight here. does disney settle or do they wait. >> first they will put up signs saying "warning, allocators." there is no way disney take this
12:54 am
case to trial. it's bad for their image. the child was an edly in 1, 2 feet of water. like my child when they were babies they could swim in my swimming pool. i'm surprised that it hasn't happened more frequently and i'm surprised disney aloud this situation to swift snowing the lake thanked allocators. even thought it' a little late for this poor child, whatever steps they taking prevent the tragedy from happening again. kennedy: coming up, i'll get out my letter opener and break the
12:55 am
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kennedy: in ancient greece philosophers would gather around a fire and speask how they hated my jokes but like my glasses. you don't need a toga, because you have a computer. go back to school. i'll go back to to school. george tweets, trying to stay awake @kennedynation and i'm still struggling. marilyn says you are quite brilliant but your spotty mouth drops your i.q. and your rating in my mind. i am not impressed.
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[bleep] tommy tweets, you know nothing of economics and your views on gun control is laughable. is he a critical liberal? it works for you, bro. then we have @kennedynation. you use wit and humor to expose various p.c. mantras. kennedy, you are an idiot for sure. why bother. ron emailed stumbled across your show, embarrassingly bad. best show on fbn unless you are a cat. thank you also much. what a workout.
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